Still soggy

Rain has been highlighting our weather since the middle of last week in south Florida.   Lingering moisture is the reason why, and it’s been stubbornly sitting over the region.   A small trigger, like the sea breeze, has been enough to cause heavy soaking downpours.    On Sunday (just like Saturday) a Flood Watch was necessary for the entire south Florida mainland.   While those alerts have since expired, additional rain could easily lead to minor street flooding again.   Monday’s forecast calls for scattered showers in the morning followed by more numerous storms during the afternoon.   Having said that, many models also show the brunt of the storm potential lifting farther north than recent days.   Be on the lookout for a few tropical rains, again, but the overall chance starts to decrease by Tuesday and the rest of the week.  Genuinely tropical weather has also been a big focus.   Tropical Storm Harvey continues to “hover” over southern areas of  Texas while creating dangerous flood emergencies.   The system is forecast to gradually weaken over the days ahead as it slowly lifts northward.   Meanwhile, another tropical system appears to be brewing off the southeast coast of the United States.   On Monday, we could see a classified depression or storm as the disturbance brushes the coastal areas of the Carolina’s.   As of this writing, the National Hurricane Center has begun to issue warnings for potential storm force winds.   Additionally, rough surf and rip currents are likely to cause problems over the next couple days (without south Florida dealing with any of those direct impacts).