Happy Saturday, South Florida!

I hope everyone had a great week despite the days of record heat we have been experiencing lately.   And although we started our day rather quiet, South Florida woke up to warm temperatures and high humidity.  That means that our day is already setting itself up for a repeat performance.  The morning showers were focused across the Gulf Coast this morning but with a Southwest wind still in place, those showers will eventually make their way towards the East Coast.

So why has it been so steamy lately?  There are a few factors to this equation but the most important one in this equation is wind direction. Our winds have been predominantly out of out the Southwest the last few days. This means our typical ocean breeze that helps keep our temperatures in check have been out of the forecast. Instead, we have been dealing with a steamy wind coming off of the land. And as we all know, land warms up faster than water so they has helped our recent  temperatures spike into the mid to upper 90s.

South Florida will have a similar setup today.  After starting off in the 80s, that Southwest wind we talked about will help temperatures warm rather quickly this morning.  South Florida will top out in the mid 90s this afternoon while heat indices reach the 100s.  Miami is on track to tie or beat an old record high temperature and if it does, then it will be the 5th consecutive day of hitting a record in Miami.  Our steamy conditions will then give way to stormy conditions,….with the Southwest wind helping afternoon thunderstorms favor the East Coast once again.  Unfortunately, the latter part of our weekend shows little change in our weather pattern.  Steamy temperatures through the first half of the day will be followed by afternoon thunderstorms.

After a stormy weekend in South Florida, it looks like rain chances will go back to what we consider ‘typical’ as we start the work week.  During this time, we will keep rain and storm chances scattered in nature. High pressure over the Atlantic will once again take control of our weather and as it does so, South Florida could see a few tropical waves trying to make their way towards our area through the second half of the work week.  If the moisture associated with this tropical wave holds together, then rain chances across our area will increase by the end of the work week.  So while we look for relief from this heat we have been seeing lately, it looks like our increased rain chances by the end of the week could actually bring temperatures back down closer to where they should be this time of year.  We’ll have to monitor the progress of that tropical moisture later in the week.