Happy Sunday, South Florida!

Looks like we are finally back in our groove around here with our typical summertime weather pattern. The start of the weekend promised to be a great one and it sure was with only a few isolated showers during the morning hours and that was about it. All the thunderstorm activity that developed in the afternoon was over Interior sections of South Florida and out towards the gulf coast, leaving nice conditions for us here up and down the East Coast metro areas. And it looks like this morning we are starting off on a similar note as yesterday,…a few isolated showers to get the day started.

Today South Florida will continue to enjoy that ‘typical weather pattern’. But that doesn’t mean that we will be completely dry. We still have a East to Southeast breeze in place and together with temperatures reaching into the 90s will be the perfect recipe for thunderstorms to pop up along the sea breeze later today. So after a few morning showers, a few sea breeze storms will likely develop near inland locations.  So if you are near inland locations of our mainland areas, you might actually see some of the rain & storms this afternoon.  Good news is that the focal point for thunderstorms will be across Interior sections & the Gulf Coast.

The Tropics are looking quiet right now.  There is plenty of dry air over the tropical Atlantic waters, include several plumes of Saharan dust.  This has helped keep any tropical waves in check from actually developing, which is good news given the active start to this year’s hurricane season.  The National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye on one tropical wave in particular located a few hundred miles SSW of the Cape Verde Islands.  This system is showing some signs of development as it moves westward across the Atlantic.  We’ll have to keep an eye on it in the days to come.

Looking ahead, South Florida will remain in this steamy & ‘less active’ weather pattern not only today but also into the start of next week. Of course there will always be the chance of a sea breeze thunderstorm during the late morning and early afternoon across inland locations but with an easterly flow in place, thunderstorm activity will continue to be pushed out west towards interior sections of South Florida and out towards the Gulf coast. And we know how that works here in South Florida…Lower rain chances and more sunshine mean warming temperatures. So next few days we can expect afternoon high temperatures across South Florida to easily be reaching the mid 90s and of course with the added humidity in place, temperatures will be feeling like the 100s across all South Florida spots. So if you have outdoor plans next few days, be sure to 1) have an umbrella with you just in case, 2) keep hydrated and 3) don’t forget that sunblock!