Steamy start to May

We’re picking up where we left off in April.   It’s simply a warm and windy start to May (and winds are strongest near the beaches, again).  This is leading to dangerous rip currents, so ocean swimming isn’t recommended.   Over the weekend, life threatening currents caused a serious stir… all along the Atlantic beaches.   This onshore pattern will continue but wind speeds will tend to decrease from Tuesday into Wednesday.   That’s also the time frame that could bring more numerous rain showers than we’ve seen recently.   As high pressure breaks down over the western Atlantic, more moisture will spread into our region.   Expect plenty of humidity, too, along with our very warm temperatures.   On Tuesday, a weakening cold front will try to sag into central Florida from the northern corners of the state.   However, the boundary is likely to fall apart well in advance of being able to reach us.   Another opportunity for a front will come later this week.  Long range forecast maps show a cold front with a decent chance of crossing our entire region, late Friday.   If that happens, we’ll probably see some thunderstorms ahead of the front.   Then, drier air will less humidity could arrive just in time for next weekend.   Stay tuned.