Happy Saturday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone had a great last week of April!  The month ended on a rather warm note for us and it looks like the month of May will begin just as steamy.  And although temperatures were on the warm side all week, there were a few days where we saw dry conditions. But that slowly began to change as we ended the workweek.  And it looks like we will continue seeing those differences this weekend.

The high-pressure system that has been in control of our weather pattern through the previous days will begin to push farther east into the Atlantic. This will finally allow a front to drop south across our state this weekend.  And although we’re not expecting a full frontal passage, this so-called ‘weak front’ will get close enough to South Florida that it could impact our weather pattern this weekend.

So what can we expect today?  To begin, the steamy temperatures that we experienced yesterday are here to stay. And for what it’s worth, our afternoon high temperatures today might actually be hotter than what we saw Friday afternoon. Many spots will reach into the lower 90s today, which will leave many South Florida locations flirting with record high temperatures. And it looks like we will get to this 90s number rather quickly because of the steamy sunshine we will see through the first half of the day.  All of this will happen before showers begin to pop up around our area. But don’t worry if you have any outdoor plans, feel free to keep them. Today will not be a washout by any means but just know that showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm will pop up as we head into the afternoon.

The weak front that we talked about will eventually stall out somewhere to the north of South Florida. This will keep our area on the warm side of the front, along with trapping some moisture near our area. So once again, even though we’re not expecting a washout of a weekend, a few showers will once again be possible throughout the day on Sunday as our afternoon high temperatures once again come close to 90°. The good thing is that the front I mentioned above will slowly begin to lift back north away from us for the start of the work week.

As we head into next week you’ll notice a few things. For one, rain chances will be limited across South Florida for a few days. But as that front lifts north, it means our wind direction will be out of the South again. This will help keep our afternoon high temperatures reaching into the upper 80s each day, with a few locations possibly reaching 90°. The breeze will also begin to pick up to the first half of the work week so expect a few breezy days, especially on Monday and Tuesday. Each day will be a lot like the day before until we get to the end of the week where another front tries to reach South Florida. This will help bring moisture back into our area with the possibility of a few showers.  Spoiler Alert: models are hinting that this front could actually clear South Florida.  We will have to wait and see how it all plays out.