Front expected to linger across the Southeast United States between the Florida/Georgia border. This will keep steering flow out of the West-Southwest and temperatures very hot, but it will leave moisture around. Scattered to numerous showers and storms will favor the Eastern areas. Heading into Saturday, an upper-level low could move in from the Bahamas to make for wetter conditions. Chance for rain is going up!

Today in the Tropics

As of Thursday morning, Larry strengthens into a hurricane and the forecast calls for it to become a major storm over the weekend. Computer models are showing high pressure to the North of Larry sliding away, while a front slips off the Eastern seaboard. This should open up a path and maintain Larry over the open waters and away from the Caribbean Islands. If anything changes, your Storm Station has got you covered.

A small area of low pressure is very close to Nicaragua and likely to move inland today. Heavy rains are forecast to spread into Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula through the weekend. The National Hurricane Center giving it a low chance to form once it moves into the Gulf of Mexico.

Vivian Gonzalez

Meteorologist, AMS Certified

WSVN Channel 7

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