Springing up

Spring showers were popping up over the weekend (and going back to last week).   Now, drier air is arriving.   High pressure that’s now centered off the North Carolina coast is drifting in our direction.  That’s good news if you’re ready for calmer weather conditions.  As the high gets closer, clear skies will be the rule along with lighter wind speeds.   Overall, our air will still arrive off the Atlantic Ocean so it will feel mild through Monday.   The main change going forward is a simple warm up.   By Tuesday night and Wednesday, winds (staying light) will veer more out of the south.   As that happens our temperatures will nudge higher.   The final days of  March look to be warmer and more muggy.   There’s some uncertainty, then, toward the end of the week.   Long range forecast models don’t show consensus on whether we might be impacted by a cold front.   At this early point, it appears a front will sag into north Florida on Saturday.   If it gets pushed far enough southward… rain showers and storms could return to the south Florida forecast for the weekend.   Stay tuned.