Happy Wednesday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful work week so far! If you like it warm and mainly dry then the last few days have probably been picture perfect for you. But for some, cooler temperatures are the way to go. The good news is that this week offers a mixed bag that will make everyone feel comfortable. But before we get to the changes, we had another warm day here across South Florida with temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 80s.

The high-pressure system that has been providing quiet conditions for us will begin to break down. And this will allow a Spring cold front to approach our area.  This front, currently triggering showers and thunderstorms from the mid Atlantic across the Southeastern United States, is forecast to reach south Florida by Thursday evening.  And although the focus for stronger thunderstorms will remain just to the north of us, South Florida might very well see a few isolated thunderstorms pop up as the front approaches.

So let’s talk about our forecast on Thursday. As we have been experiencing in the previous days, we will wake up to warm and muggy conditions once again. The difference is that on Thursday morning we might see a few isolated showers from time to time.  So let’s call Thursday morning ‘mainly dry’.  But as the front drops south across our state, the chance for showers and a few thunderstorms will increase through the second half of the day.  Now keep in mind that the front won’t reach our area until later in the evening hours, so our afternoon high temperatures will once again reach into the mid to lower 80s.  With a few showers and a few isolated thunderstorms Thursday afternoon, the front will then swing through our area bringing an end to these warm conditions that we have been experiencing,…but that won’t happen until overnight Thursday into Friday morning.

So how much of this cool air will actually reach South Florida?  Well we’re not talking frigid winter-like temperatures but with afternoon high temperatures reaching into the mid 80s for almost a week now, it will surely feel quite nice and comfortable here across South Florida. And believe it or not, our temperatures will be running a few degrees below average for this time of year. And we’re not talking a one-day deal. These comfortable temperatures look to stick around through the upcoming weekend as well!  Speaking of the weekend, behind Thursday’s front, South Florida can expect breezy conditions as well.  This will also help our temperatures feel quite comfortable.  This will also increase our rip current risk and cause deteriorating marine conditions over our local waters.  For any land activities, our temperatures will be quite comfortable, dropping into the mid to low 60s each morning and only warming into the mid to upper 70s during the afternoon. Other than a spotty shower to coming off that strong breeze, South Florida should remain mainly dry into the start of next week.  At that point our temperatures will gradually begin to warm once again,…possibly reaching the lower 80s through the second half of the week.