Happy Friday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone had a great week and enjoyed the warmth that we experienced for well over a week. Temperatures reached into the upper 80s on Thursday afternoon, with the high afternoon temperature in Miami coming shy of just one degree of tying the record of 90°. But the heat won’t be something we will need to worry about as a front came through South Florida on Thursday evening and wiped away all of that moisture and the warmth. And even though temperatures earlier this morning didn’t start off cool, they continued to cool well after sunrise.

The front they came through on Thursday evening triggered showers and strong thunderstorms across South Florida. But not everyone received rain. Some areas, especially in Broward County, remained mostly dry on Thursday. The front finally cleared all of South Florida during the evening hours and now we find that Spring front sitting offshore just to the south of us while drier air moves in.

So what can we expect today?  For one, wind will be blowing out of the north while winds pick up in speed as we head into the afternoon.  Afternoon temperatures will once again be a bit more comfortable. Instead of reaching into the mid to upper 80s (as we have been in previous days), South Florida will once again enjoy high temperatures in the mid 70s. And while we did not start the day off with clear skies, South Florida will enjoy plenty of sunshine as the day progresses.  Also worth noting is that we will remain mainly dry today now that the front has cleared our area.

One thing that will be the most noticeable today will be wind speeds.  We are expecting a windy day while gusty winds will be possible as we head into the afternoon.  Also worth mentioning, our wind direction might occasionally veer out of the north to Northeast later today. And with winds reaching up to 25mph and gusts up to 35mph, a Wind Advisory has been issued for all coastal sections of South Florida beginning at 2 PM today. This should take us through at least the overnight hours into Saturday morning.

Looking ahead, South Florida will enjoy a cool-ish but comfortable Easter weekend. Morning temperatures will be a few degrees below average with most of South Florida dropping into the mid to lower 60s both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Some areas might even drop into the upper 50s.  Afternoon high temperatures will remain in the mid to upper 70s, which will also leave us slightly below average as our normal high temperature right now should be in the lower 80s.  Breezy to windy conditions will continue on and off through the holiday weekend, which will have a direct impact on our beach and boating conditions.  A high risk of rip currents is expected through at least Sunday while a Small Craft Advisory remains in place for all of South Florida local waters.  Wind speeds will finally begin to subside as we head into the start of next week.  And speaking of next week, with wind speeds beginning to die down and wind direction turning from the east, South Florida will gradually begin to warm once again.  By the middle to the end of the work week, our afternoon high temperatures might actually be in the mid 80s once again while remaining mainly dry during this time.