Some drying coming!

After days of downpours, we’re finally seeing a swath of drier air move into south Florida.   The drying won’t last more than a couple of days, so enjoy the little break!   Of course, there could still be a “spotty”  type shower off the ocean even though most places will be rain free.   The middle of the week will also feature more sunshine than we’ve seen in awhile.   This occurs as high pressure rebuilds over the western Atlantic.   Yes, the heat will be hanging around.   Daytime highs (Wednesday and Thursday) will range from the lower to middle 90’s.   This is slightly hotter than average for late August.   As we round out the month, expect a gradual return to moisture with rain chances building.   By Friday, scattered downpours, including storms, will probably revisit the area.  These unsettled conditions will be moving back into the region as winds turn more southerly…prior to the weekend.