Happy Friday, South Florida!

Quite the morning we had today as a cold front swung through our state.  Ahead of it, we saw several batches of moderate to heavy rain and thunderstorms push through our area.  Cloud cover remains thick and should stick around through much of the day today.

But before the rain began, the big story of the morning were the warm temperatures across South Florida.  A warm Southwest wind allowed afternoon high temperatures on Thursday to reach into the mid 80s and this morning was no different.  We started off with a strong Southwest this morning so temperatures started off in the upper 70s!  Since then, several batches of rain AND a cold front swung through, which means our high temperature of the day was actually this morning!

The wind may have veered out of the Northwest this morning but the rain has continued on and off through much of the morning, eventually clearing out later this afternoon.  The clouds, though, are a different story.  Clouds from the Gulf of Mexico extend across much of Florida and will take their time clearing us.  So we can safely say that Friday will remain mostly cloudy for much of the day.

But it’s not ALL bad news today.  Once the rain & clouds clear South Florida, we will finally see nice conditions.  And those nice conditions leak into the weekend!  Rain should be out of here as we head into the afternoon.  And while a few clouds may linger into Saturday, the cooler air has already begun to move in.  Temperatures should remain in the 60s through much of the day today under mostly cloudy skies.  And then the cooldown begins!

And as we head into tonight & early Saturday morning, temperatures across all mainland areas of South Florida will drop into the 50s while the Keys drop into the lower 60s.  Better news is that other than a spotty shower here and there, rain should be out of the forecast on Saturday!  Now that’s something to celebrate!

Rain chances remain present (but isolated at best) into the start of the next work week as a weak front swings through.  The breeze next week starts to build again as temperatures begin to warm back into the mid 80s.  And as we are all too familiar with here in South Florida….with the return of a brisk ocean breeze comes the chance of fast-moving anytime showers.  No significant rainfall with these but definitely worth mentioning as we’ll see them return to the forecast through much of next week!