Soggy times, in sight

After a brief break from the rain, it’s about to ramp up (again).   Showers will likely increase as a weak front sinks southward from central Florida.   In conjunction, there may be heavy batches of rain marching inland from the ocean.   It’s an onshore pattern that will hold well through the middle of the week.    The other “highlight” of our weather involves the increase in winds.   A significant surge of wind from the east will intensify by Tuesday and Wednesday (while remaining breezy the rest of the week).   The windy conditions are the result of strong high pressure well north of us while considerably lower pressures are south in the Caribbean.   For  Florida, we’ll be caught in between those pressure centers and that means poor beach and boating conditions.   Local waters will visibly get roughed up as winds may gust above 30 miles per hour.   As more moisture gets steered our way, gusty downpours will increase.   Then, to add to the instability, there’s a tropical wave that could move closer to Straits and south Florida by Tuesday night and early Wednesday.   Should it hold, our most active time of rain showers and thunderstorms could ramp up at that point. As for  the long range outlook, it’s not yet clear when we’ll see dramatic improvement.   Some drying could begin by next weekend… but likely not until then. Even though it’s a wet start to October, the tropics have been simmering down.   Currently, there are no active systems.   We’ll need to watch for that to eventually change.   Often, this month is busy with tropical systems forming in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.