Happy Saturday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone’s workweek ended on a wet note with torrential downpours across South Florida Friday afternoon and evening! The rain and thunderstorms that persisted across our area resulted in multiple street flood advisories across South Florida and very saturated grounds. But after a wet end to the week, South Florida finally started off on the quiet note earlier this morning with high humidity & only a few isolated showers.

So why was Friday afternoon so wet across South Florida school? the reason for it is because there is a front that is drifting southward across our state. So all areas south of the front (South Florida included) were under a Southwest steering flow. As you recall steering winds are the winds that steer thunderstorms in either direction. So as we are all very familiar with here in South Florida, when we have a Southwest steering flow that usually means rain and thunderstorms spread across our area through the second half of the day. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

The above mentioned front will eventually reach us here in South Florida at some point tonight into Sunday. But it is already losing its punch which means it is slowly weakening and slowing down as it continues to drop south. This means that South Florida will not get a full ‘frontal passage’ this time around, which means the cooler temperatures and the lower humidity AND the drier air won’t quite reach us. Instead, South Florida will continue to enjoy showers and thunderstorms and breezy northeast winds through much of the weekend. Today however should be the “drier“ of the two weekend days but by no means will it be 100% dry. Scattered showers under breezy conditions will continue through much of the day today with the best chances for showers up and down the East Coast.

The above mentioned front is said to stall out and basically fall apart somewhere over South Florida within the next 24 hours. That means that the latter part of the weekend promises more cloud cover, breezy conditions, and still a good chance for rain and thunderstorms across our area. So if you have any outdoor plans this weekend, today would be the better of the two days as we are expecting an increase in rain chances as we head into Sunday.  Looking ahead, showers continue into the start of the workweek before South Florida slowly begins to return to a more typical weather pattern by mid-week. Scattered showers will remain in the forecast as we will still have a breezy to even windy northeast wind flow. That means clouds and showers will quickly move through area on and off at least to the first half of the workweek. Then south Florida should begin to go back to normal with typical rain chances anywhere around 30% through the second half of the workweek. Unfortunately the stronger breeze is here to stay through much of the work week so rip currents will continue to be a big threat up and down or East Coast beaches until at least next weekend.