Happy Sunday, South Florida!

After a dry start to the “Rainy Season”, it seems someone turned on the faucet with torrential downpours & flooding rains pushing through all of South Florida for 2 days straight now.  And while many spots in South Florida needed the rain, the ground in some areas is already saturated and more rain is on the way today.

A shift in wind direction made all the difference for us.  Winds veered out of the South and Southwest a few days ago so the usual afternoon thunderstorms that usually push across Interior areas have been pushing over to the East Coast metro areas and continued to rain over the same spots.  Over 4″ of rain have already fallen across some areas in South Florida within the last 2 days.

The steamy and stormy weather pattern will stick around again today.  The difference is that temperatures won’t be AS hot today as they have been.  We can thank the cloud cover for that one.  A low pressure system near the Gulf Coast states, together with a Southwest wind, steamy surface temperatures AND an increase in tropical moisture have all been a perfect recipe for afternoon thunderstorms this weekend.  And as if 4″ of rain in 2 days wasn’t enough, it looks like this steamy and stormy weather pattern will stick around through the upcoming work week!

And speaking of steamy….with a South and Southwest wind in the forecast mornings will be feeling steamy while afternoon temperatures will be reaching uncomfortable levels.  Afternoon high temperatures next few days will reach into the mid to low 90s but will be feeling like the upper 90s and 100s once you add the humidity.  Needless to say keeping hydrated this will be very important next few days.

Real quick mention of the Tropics….all is quiet right now.  Plenty of dry air (in the form of Saharan Dust) has pushed off of the West coast of Africa and has extended well into the Central Atlantic.  This has [thankfully] kept the few tropical waves currently over the Atlantic in check.

So if you plan for any outdoor Sunday Funday activities, be sure to plan for the first half of the day because afternoons in South Florida will remain quite active through at least Monday of the upcoming work week.

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