Soggy start

The work week is about to begin with the arrival of more rain.   Showers and storms will likely form at times on Monday.    Since deeper tropical moisture is moving up from the south, there will be plenty of  “fuel” for the return of rainy conditions.   During the past weekend (and especially on Saturday) south Florida actually got a rare boost of dry air.  That kept rain away and an ocean breeze helped to combat the heat.   Things have since changed.   A weak tropical wave passed by on Sunday and deeper moisture out of the Caribbean is now streaming up from the south.   Coming up, we’ll also revert back to a thick haze with plenty of clouds in the near term.   This unsettled pattern could last most of the week, but the highest rain chances (along with numerous thunderstorms) will be from mid day Monday through Wednesday evening.   If enough rain persists, some communities could have developing flood concerns.   This is especially relevant since wind speeds will be so light and rain activity may focus on some of the same spots before moving away.   In the tropics, there’s just one disturbance to watch at this time.   It’s now a weak area of low pressure that’s several hundred miles east of the Lesser Antilles, in the central Atlantic.    The disturbance has a real chance to get stronger by the middle of the week.  That may actually be its best chance to possibly turn into a depression or storm.   Once it reaches the eastern Caribbean (if it does) wind shear is likely to increase and hinder any further development.  Stay tuned.