Happy Thursday, South Florida!

What a difference 24 hours makes! Wednesday was a transitional day for our area. Our winds finally veered off the ocean which means that ocean air is back into play. And while yesterday South Florida still had a lot of dry air over our area, today we’re noticing a big difference. This morning we started off with many isolated showers and a few isolated thunderstorms over the Atlantic waters. And while winds remained light, it’s a sign of a pattern change well on its way.

So what changed? Well now that we have that ocean air in place, our easterly winds are tapping into the Atlantic for some moisture. So while we may still have some dry air nearby, the small tongue of moisture that was over South Florida on Wednesday is much bigger today and now that we have an ocean influence, it will slowly help our weather pattern transition to a wetter one, especially as we head into Friday.

Florida can expect isolated so scattered showers through the morning hours today. But with an on sure flow, and later this afternoon we will see sea breeze thunderstorms developing across our area. And with an easterly wind flow, eventually the majority of those showers and thunderstorms will push towards interior sections of south Florida and towards the gulf coast. Now while in theory that sounds exactly how it should happen, let’s keep in mind that we have been keeping a close eye on tropical moisture over the Atlantic that was slowly inching towards our area. So we will keep scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for today with temperatures in the mid to lower 90s across South Florida.

While we are on topic, let’s discuss this tropical moisture mentioned above. This moisture is associated with a tropical wave that has been moving across the Atlantic the last few days. Tropical waves tend to be on the fickle side sometimes so it is important to keep an eye on its whereabouts and if the moisture associated with it is actually still attached.  So as we head into Friday, South Florida could be in store for a soggy weather pattern that could stick around for a while.  Of course that all depends on the moisture content associated with this tropical wave we have been talking about.

So if this moisture holds together, then starting Friday here in South Florida we could begin to see increasing rain chances, better chance for thunderstorms and also increasing cloud cover.  This will also have a direct impact on our afternoon high temperatures each day. Because with clouds limiting peak heating, together with rain and thunderstorms cooling things down, our afternoon temperatures may only reach the lower 90s,….which is exactly where our temperatures should be this time of year. Unfortunately many of the models are hinting that there is abundant moisture associated with this tropical wave. So if it continues to hold together South Florida could be in for a few soggy days lingering through the weekend and into the start of next week. Of course we will have to keep a close eye on it because as we know here in South Florida, a few days of rain could eventually lead to flooding concerns here in South Florida within the next few days. Something else to keep a close eye on.