Soaking showers

Help is on the way as more rain comes to the region.   It will barely “dent the drought” but any amount of water will be good for the ground!   The showers are coming at a beneficial time, due to more wildfires popping up as recently as Sunday (Big Pine Key).    Wetter times will peak on Tuesday since plenty of moisture will be trapped over us along with other factors that will lead to rain.   Most notably, a cold front is advancing into Florida from the Gulf of Mexico.   The boundary will cross the state and add to the instability over us.   Additionally, the heating of the day and sea breeze boundaries will contribute to unsettled conditions (through Tuesday).   We’re likely to see more numerous rain bands into the afternoon and evening hours but there probably won’t be a solid squall line… as we sometimes encounter with stronger fronts.   Looking ahead, by Wednesday the front is expected to put on its brakes near the Bahamas.   High pressure, from the distant western Gulf, will provide drier air filtering into the area from the northwest.   Then, the chance for more beneficial rain probably won’t return until the start of the weekend.