Soaker in sight?

A large area of moisture is expanding from the Bahamas toward south Florida.   We’re already seeing more clouds approach.   These could dump heavy bands of rain along with gusty winds and frequent lightning from thunderstorms.   The deep moisture will probably hang around through Thursday, but the main trigger appears earmarked for Wednesday.   It’s also worth pointing out that wind speeds (overall) will be decreasing over the next couple of days.  That’s important because the push of rain and the storm motion will slow down.   If we see torrential downpours, there could be issues with water piling up and leading to spots of street flooding.  We’ll be watching the radar and keeping you informed with any breaking weather information that needs passed along.   As we get deeper into the week, there will be more breaks of hot and steamy sunshine.  Of course, occasional showers could drift by, too.  We’re now getting into the thick of the 6 month rainy season.  It began in May and will continue into October!