So Flo Sizzle, 4 in the Tropics

The summertime sizzle in South Florida will round out the work week.

High pressure will keep southeasterly winds in place. Expect not just heat and humidity, but more isolated coastal and metro nighttime and morning showers. By the afternoon and evening hours, the sea breeze will continue to push storms inland until Friday.

By the weekend, models suggest an influx of tropical moisture bumping up our rain chances from a tropical wave. If this wave holds, expect scattered showers and storms, especially on Sunday.



A low east of the Lesser Antilles is showing signs of a little more organization. The National Hurricane Center is giving this feature medium chances for development over the next 5 days as it moves into the Caribbean Sea by Friday. A recon mission is scheduled to investigate it on Thursday.

Another area of low pressure to the west of the Cape Verde Islands is producing disorganized storms. The National Hurricane Center is giving it medium chances over the next 5 days. Models suggest wind sheer becoming a deterrent as the feature moves north of the Leeward Islands by the weekend.

A tropical wave off the west coast of Africa is rather disorganized. It has a medium chance for development over the next 5 days as it moves west northwest.

“Gert” is still holding on over the Atlantic waters as a category 2 hurricane as of Wednesday evening, the strongest so far this season. It is producing big swells along Bermuda and extending back across the northeast coast of the US. It is expected to lose hurricane status by this weekend.

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