So Flo Sizzle & 2 in the Tropics

Staying on the mostly dry side this weekend.

Lingering Saharan dust will keep some of the recent hazy sunshine over South Florida with a few clouds passing through our skies on Saturday. Showers cannot be entirely ruled out. But, due to the sea breeze, isolated ones will be confined to the inland areas by the afternoon hours.

As of Saturday morning,  no heat advisory is in place. We will still be feeling triple digit heat just not as hot as the past few days. But, if one were to be issued, it would likely be for portions of SW Florida.

Moisture will slowly return to our forecast as rain chances go back to seasonal, the same for our temps,  into the start of the week.


An area of low pressure over the Eastern Atlantic will continue to move towards the west northwest in the days ahead. Despite being poorly organized on Saturday morning, conditions will become more favorable for tropical development over the next 5 days.

A tropical wave producing disorganized showers and storms over the Caribbean Sea will continue to move towards west, well to the south of South Florida. Development, if any, will be slow this weekend. It has medium chances for tropical development over the next 5 days.