Showers return

Winds have fully turned off the ocean and that’s turning our attention back to the radar.   Showers have begun moving into parts of south Florida, favoring the Keys late on Monday.   What’s helping steer more moisture back into the area is a “retreating front” from the south.   The former cold front is lifting northward and will basically linger over us throughout the day, on Tuesday.   By the way, low pressure in the eastern Gulf is also aiding in developing rain (mainly impacting the Keys).   At the same time, a breeze is picking up.   Stronger winds will focus on coastal areas while creating rip currents along Atlantic beaches.   The unsettled conditions are expected to ease from Wednesday into Thursday.   Then, rain chances should drop and skies will brighten.   Later this week is also when we’ll begin tracking our next front in Florida.   As high pressure departs, the frontal boundary will push southward toward Lake Okeechobee on Friday.   Although it’s a cold front that’s coming, it will lack much cooling and that, of course, has been the trend lately.   Instead of a noticeable temperature drop, south Florida will simply transition to seasonal readings and lower humidity into the upcoming weekend.   If you wondering whether there’s dramatic cooling ahead, models still don’t show anything of note… in the foreseeable time frame.   That means the beginning of  December will stay comfortable, if not warmer than normal.