Settling down

Winds speeds are finally coming down, following several days with a big ocean breeze.   Gradually, you’ll notice the calmer conditions by late Tuesday and throughout the middle of the week.   These lighter winds will bring improving weather for boaters (even though rip currents will still be a risk for swimmers).   Many of you are also ready for south Florida temperatures to drop.   Warmer than normal readings have persisted for awhile now.   It’s worth noting that Miami tied a record high on Sunday.   Also, Ft. Lauderdale got into the record books with the “warmest night” (minimum temperature, more specifically).   The warmth isn’t going to depart during the rest of this week.   As high pressure scoots toward the Bahamas, we’ll find pleasant and mainly dry weather holding up.   High pressure areas, as a rule, bring stable air and that’s what is in store for our region.   Expect added clearing in the sky with bright sunshine taking over as the week continues. Looking ahead, there’s finally at least a “chance for change” in the longer range.   Forecast maps suggest that Florida could get a cold front entering the state by the early part of next week.   While it’s too early to speculate on details of a potential front, there are some classic signals to be aware of.   Ahead of it, areas of rain may develop on Monday (with the potential for a few thunderstorms).   Then, if there’s enough cool air support and push, the front could be strong enough to send us a small taste of winter.   Stay tuned.