Season’s Coldest?

We’re getting “the cold shoulder” across Florida.   While it may not be too cold compared to virtually everywhere else across the states, it’s chilly for us.   Into Tuesday, temperatures will dip into the 40’s inland, while coastal spots touch the lower 50’s.   How does this compare with other points this winter season?   Most recently (on Monday morning) readings were similar.   However, you have to go all the way back to last February before you find cooling of this level!   The weather map shows high pressure extending from the Gulf of Mexico into our area.   With the high is nearly on top of us (literally) it means clear and calm weather as the chill settles in.  Winds are minimal and from the north.   Looking ahead, the high will gradually slide toward the Bahamas by late Tuesday.   Some cooling will continue although it won’t be as prominent.   Over time, then, milder air will make a noticeable and comfortable comeback.   Temperatures will return to seasonal norms by midweek.  That means highs return to the neighborhood of 80 degrees.   The weather pattern isn’t going to allow for another cold front to push our way over the next week… so no major changes are expected.   Don’t forget, this coming weekend is the Super Bowl.   The big game will be held in Houston.   Although I’m biased,  I’m always convinced that the best venue for the event is south Florida!