It’s an ongoing onshore pattern as the week continues.   Local winds remain very light as the breeze comes around high pressure… situated north and east of Florida.   What’s nice about this set up is that it’s slightly less steamy than earlier this week!  That was when winds were arriving from the south and southwest.  For us it’s a familiar weather situation:  the Atlantic sea breeze will make some progress during the middle of the day.  As the boundary drifts inland during prime heating, it will spark some storms.   Thunderstorms will shift westward during the afternoon, primarily keeping the western half of the area more prone to active weather.   At the same time, beach locations will be brighter (in general) with more drying.   Finally, we’re now on the brink of a brand new season.   Autumn officially begins at 10:21 am on Thursday.   As usual, south Florida doesn’t feel a difference in the air for quite awhile (so it’s still basically summertime)!   Typically, noticeable cooling doesn’t come until fronts start diving southward.   By late October and November, we’ll probably be able to get a little “feel of fall.”  Until then, we must keep watching the tropics.  In the distant Atlantic both Karl and Lisa continue to spin.   Neither system will impact the United States.  They will simply impact the shipping channels across parts of the ocean.




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