Sea Breeze PM Inland Storms

Local Forecast: 

A Summer-like pattern is underway with early morning coastal showers and the sea breeze likely to form showers and storms around inland areas. By Saturday, there could be added moisture in the air and the forecast calls for scattered showers.

By the weekend, a front will stall North of the area and could increase our rain chances, but models are indicating some Saharan Dust arriving and limiting shower and thunderstorm activity. Hopefully, lots of sun and drier weather for Father’s Day.

Tropical Update: 

Chance for growth remains low for area of clouds and rain located in the Western Caribbean. The National Hurricane Center still giving this disturbance a 20% chance for development once it moves into the Southwestern Gulf of Mexico by the end of the week. Regardless of development, look for tropical rains to spread into Central America, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico through Friday.

Computer models are showing that heavy rainfall will spread into Mexico and Texas going into the upcoming week. Flooding will be possible.

Have a great day South Florida and make it a safe one!

Vivian Gonzalez

Meteorologist, AMS Certified 

WSVN Channel 7