Happy Thursday, South Florida!

It was an active start to our day today.  The morning started off with clouds streaming in but around sunrise scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms started developing off of the Bahamas and moving over the nearshore Atlantic waters.  With an onshore flow, those showers and thunderstorms began spreading across South Florida, becoming a bit more numerous than scattered…especially across the Florida Keys.

But despite the rain and thunderstorms this morning, today will not be a washout of a day.  With a decent onshore flow, all of that shower and thunderstorm activity will eventually push west towards the Gulf Coast later this afternoon.  That will help our afternoon high temperatures reach the upper 80s and lower 90s.  With the humidity in place from the earlier rain, the FEELS LIKE temperatures across South Florida will easily reach the upper 90s.  Feels like temperatures across some inland areas could even reach the 100s this afternoon!

While South Florida deals with damp conditions through the first half of today, the work week should end on a “drier” note.  Friday looks to be the nicest day of the week with a bit more in the way of sunshine and lower rain chances.  However as we head into the upcoming weekend, it looks like that could all change.  Rain chances for the upcoming weekend have the potential to be on the rise once again.  The culprit?…a tropical wave currently moving westward across the Atlantic towards the Windward Islands.

The National Hurricane Center is keeping a close eye on a tropical wave just east of the Windward Islands as it moves westward across the Atlantic.  Environmental conditions surrounding this wave are not favorable for any significant development within the next 2-5 days.  However, as this wave moves into the Caribbean this weekend, if the moisture associated with it holds together then some of that moisture will try to make its way into South Florida.

If the tropical wave mentioned above holds together and allow for its associated moisture to spread across South Florida, then rain chances will once again be on the rise in our area.  A few showers and thunderstorms are possible Saturday but if this forecast pans out, then Sunday and Monday are looking like the wettest days of the week for South Florida.  Unfortunately we will be socked in to a wetter weather position for quite a few days as we head into the start of next week.