Both our temperatures and the tropics are heating up as the new week begins.   On Sunday, Miami soared to 94 degrees.  It wasn’t a record for the date, but it was officially the 2nd hottest day this year!  Monday’s readings will remain above average while the strong sun bakes much of southeast Florida.   The brightest conditions will be near the beaches.   As the day progresses you’ll notice more clouds billowing across the western suburbs toward the Everglades.   Scattered storms will target those spots “well inland” as sea breezes merge.  In the tropics, we’re following Tropical Depression Fiona losing steam over the middle of the Atlantic.  It’s not a land concern.  Also, two tropical waves are noteworthy because of their potential.   The most distant is near the Cape Verde Islands (not that far from the African coast).  It has a high chance of becoming the season’s next depression, or storm, fairly soon.   Meanwhile, the other wave (mid ocean) isn’t  likely to develop fast, but it could approach the Bahamas by Friday.  Eventual strengthening can’t be ruled out so we’ll need to follow its movement this week.   Recent forecast models suggest a northward turn, or veer, by the weekend… but there’s still  a lot of uncertainty!  11

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