Rare blustery weather

South Florida remains socked in with clouds and that’s far from the only weather issue.   Recently, winds have been cranking due to a coastal low hovering by the Bahamas.   With the low nearby, swift showers have been shifting inland from the Atlantic.   On Tuesday, rain amounts surpassed the one-inch mark in Ft. Lauderdale.   That’s unusual since we’re in the heart of the south Florida dry season.  Our messy weather will gradually taper off Wednesday, followed by a surge of colder air.   That comes after the passage of a strong cold front.  Local temperatures will tumble beginning Wednesday night.   Then, the winter chill will grip the area through the remainder of the week with lows dropping into the lower and middle 40’s.   Not only will it be the coldest air we’ve felt this season, but also the coldest we’ve been since the winter of 2015 (Miami)!   Meanwhile, as winds combine with the frigid air, our wind chill index (“how it actually feels” reading) will be in the 30’s at times.   Finally, once winds subside, the western suburbs will be watching for possible patchy frost.   This would be a concern for rural growers around daybreak Friday.   If you’re ready for more typical warmth, it’s forecast to return during the upcoming weekend.   Looking ahead to Sunday, high pressure will move off the Mid Atlantic coast.   The clockwise flow around the high will direct our winds off the ocean.   Since water temperatures off the Florida coast are relatively warm (mid 70’s) we’ll be able to get back to comfortably mild weather.   Until then, it’s a rare opportunity to wear sweaters and coats in south Florida!