Rare air!

No records are in jeopardy for south Florida, but an especially strong cold blast is moving in.   For the Miami area, we’re forecasting the coldest temperatures in an entire year (arriving around daybreak on Monday)!   The change follows a strong cold front, crossing the region Sunday.

Here’s a look at your weather headlines as we head into the Martin Luther King Day holiday.

We’ll be encountering rare 40-degree temperatures on Monday morning.   Forecast lows will be widespread in the 40’s across Broward and Miami-Dade counties.   In the Florida Keys, temperatures will settle back to the 50’s.

The holiday forecast calls for brisk sunshine to start the day.   Then, throughout the afternoon, patches of clouds will drift in from the Atlantic Ocean.   Some of our forecast models even suggest the chance for a few small pockets of rain (basically sprinkles) and that “spotty chance” begins during the evening hours, Monday.

This week’s weather promises to be interesting once again!   After an attempted warm up (with minor, temporary success) we’ll see another cold front move into Florida later in the week.   Ahead of it, stronger winds will prevail during the midweek.   Then, the next cold front will likely slide across Florida on Thursday.   Another dose of colder air will follow, lasting into the weekend.