Rainy times ahead

Rain is set to make a big return.   Heavy downpours are likely as a tropical wave shifts over the northwest Bahamas toward south Florida.   The disturbance is still being monitored for possible growth or organization, and the National Hurricane Center is giving the system a “medium” development chance into midweek.   Either way, the result will be rain across the region.   There’s a large push of moisture coming from the wave.   Additionally, there’s a batch of moist air drawn up from the Caribbean.   The net effect of all of this (as mentioned) will be rounds of rain and possible storms.   Tuesday and Wednesday will also begin a trend toward cloudy, if not overcast, skies.  The tropical wave is expected to slow and stall near the Florida peninsula for a few days.   Looking ahead, then, it’s not likely we’ll see much brighter or drier conditions even deep into the week!   After the wave falls apart, a front is expected to drop down into Florida.   The boundary will weaken over northern and central areas of the state but if it holds together at all, it will trigger more heavy rain.  The current forecast calls for the front to stall “nearby” through the weekend and maybe into early next week.   That means rain could make a big impact over time which could lead to a serious flooding issue.   Stay tuned.