Rainy repeat

More rain and storms are on the way, so it’s making for a wet start to the week.   The main culprit is a front that’s working into central Florida and slowing down.   Ultimately, the boundary is expected to hold together and stall out through Wednesday (or early Thursday).   Until then, rounds of rain are likely with the potential for street flooding if the rain focuses on the same places, over and over again.    As of Sunday night, our rain forecast models were showing a range of 2 to 5 inches  of possible rainfall through Tuesday.   That’s impressive.  It’s also possibly troubling since the ground is already saturated in spots.   Remember, if you’re driving around and encounter  a water covered roadway… of unknown depth… turn around and take another route.    In addition to excessive rain, other concerns during the early part of the week will be times of lightning and gusty winds from thunderstorms.   While a neighboring front is largely to blame for the active weather, there’s also a couple low pressure areas off the coast of Florida.   One of these is over the western Atlantic while the other is currently over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.   It’s the former that will be watched for the chance it could start to acquire tropical characteristics.   Right now, the National Hurricane Center believes it’s a slim chance.   Still, as the low eventually moves east into the Atlantic waters (following its predecessor) it could slowly develop over the span of several days and will be monitored.