Rain to ramp

All signals suggest a major increase in rain.   The activity over south Florida will ramp up into Mother’s Day and well beyond.   At the moment, a disturbance (former front) is drifting back toward our coast from the Bahamas.   It will act as a focal point for developing showers on Sunday. Some will likely be heavy.  Meanwhile,  even deeper moisture out of the Caribbean Sea is also pressing our way.   The combination of weather features will soon merge, making for many downpours to start the new week.   Of course, that will mean Mother’s Day plans will probably need to move indoors (with a growing rain chance during the afternoon and evening hours, Sunday).    Monday should follow just as wet and unsettled, and may involve several thunderstorms.    This will happen as the moisture lingers.    Our “next disturbance” of low pressure will add to the rain, forming over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.   It will act as a conveyor belt for wet weather overspreading most of Florida through  the midweek.   The low will be a slow mover, basically meandering near the Gulf side of the state before drifting northward over time.    The important thing to remember is that as long as the disturbance holds together, we’ll be on the wet side of it.   If the rain piles up and saturates parts of south Florida, we could easily experience street flooding.   For now, the potential for rain remains high while accumulating several inches.   We may see a rain range generally spanning between 3 and 6 inches, with some areas more and some less.  Considering we’re still in a drought that has lasted all year to date, this upcoming rain trend may actually put a “dent in the drought”!