Rain to ramp up

As we start the new work week, temperatures are down while rain chances continue to go up.    Here’s a look at the clouds that were increasing on Sunday afternoon.    It was mainly due to a weak front slipping across the area.

“Ribbons of rain” can be seen stretching from the Gulf, across Florida (in spots) and into the Atlantic.   Steering winds from the west were pushing these showers along.   Some of the rain bands intensified over land, late Sunday, from sea breeze interactions.

Looking ahead, rain projections are high for south Florida through Tuesday.    The latest forecast models are suggesting about 2 inches of rain for the southeast section of the state.   Of course, it’s highly likely that “favored areas” get over that amount with locally heavy downpours.

We’re basically trapped in a wet situation.   A front is stalling nearby while a surplus  of moisture overruns the region.   It’s a wet and windy pattern that peaks on Tuesday (but may begin as early as Monday afternoon and evening)!

At a time when rain chances are typically between 20 – 30% (this point in March) notice the high potential for rain through the first half of the week!   Widespread activity is likely until we transition to drier times later in the time frame.   Much drier weather with slightly cooler air is in the forecast beginning Thursday and Friday.