Rain returns

It’s no surprise we’ve had a lot of active weather lately across south Florida.   June is, on average, the wettest month of the year for Ft. Lauderdale.   It’s also the second wettest month for Miami (second only to September).

Of course, the Rainy Season is now in full swing and streams of tropical moisture persist.    We’re in “good company” as soggy and unsettled weather also stretches well beyond Florida and the southeastern states.   It can be traced to a large low pressure area that’s finally showing signs of weakening as it drifts northeast.


Meanwhile, there’s plenty of lingering moisture focusing on Florida and the Bahamas.   With such a moist environment, it doesn’t take much to set off rain showers (including torrential downpours).    We’re likely to see wet and stormy conditions return on Monday.

Here’s a look at the rain prospects for the week ahead.   You’ll notice that each day involves at least a “typical chance” for scattered downpours.   The general chances decrease slightly from Tuesday through Wednesday (meaning we expect less numerous areas of rain).   Still, the main difference is the timing of these.   Recently we’ve had activity mainly during the afternoon hours.    Looking into the late week time frame, we could see some drenching showers also early in the day.    Basically, be on guard for occasional spells of soaking weather.