Rain reduction?

“Drier than usual” conditions have returned, but it’s just a temporary trend.    On Wednesday, a batch of Saharan dust moved across the Florida Keys as well as the eastern half of south Florida.   The presence of the dust and drying (from the south and east) kept our radar strangely quiet.   Typically, summer storms tend to flare up on a regular, daily basis, as we’re all aware.   Heading into Thursday and Friday, the dust should gradually give way to more humidity and deeper moisture.   High pressure will remain weak but still influence our weather.  It’s situated from the Bahamas all the way to the eastern Gulf of Mexico.   The next few days will start out calm with very light winds.   With the building heat and inland moving sea breeze, pockets of downpours are likely (which is more like normal).   Since there won’t be much of a steering wind with these developing rain bands, showers could move on wayward drift, with a push east or west.    Expect random type activity from the late morning time frame through the late afternoon.   Outside of that, more sizzling hot days are ahead.   Look for highs in the lower to middle 90’s along with heat index values staying above 100-degrees (during peak heating).   Also ahead, forecast models hint at a possible weather disturbance approaching the Straits and Cuba by Sunday and Monday.   With a potential jog to the north, this “upper low pressure area” could bring heavier and more numerous storms to start next week.  Stay tuned.