Rain on the breeze

The new month of August is picking up where we left off, in July.   A steady breeze, sometimes strong, continues to work in from the ocean waters.   Along that breeze is ample moisture for passing showers.   Rain chances will be typical for summer (scattered) on Monday.  Then, deeper moisture is expected into Tuesday to create wetter weather including more numerous storms.   The uptick in rain is related to a disturbance that’s quickly crossing the Caribbean.  It’s a vigorous tropical wave that’s trying to fight off obstacles (most notably wind shear). If it can make it closer to the western side of the Caribbean Sea, it could intensify to a tropical depression or storm.  Lately, the tropics have been silent.  We’ve been running a streak absent of tropical activity, including no named storms for the past 40 days!  As of this writing the National Hurricane Center is giving the Caribbean disturbance a “high” chance for development after Tuesday.  Regardless of any classification,  the bulk of the system will stay south of Cuba.  As it barrels toward the Yucatan, deeper moisture will probably be drawn northward.  In response, you can count on more rain overspreading the Straits toward south Florida and the rest of the region.   Our wettest days  appear to be in the making for Tuesday and Wednesday.   Finally, once the real moisture departs, longer range forecast maps show much drier air heading our way.   In short, carry the umbrella early in the work week… then the second half of the week appears better (perhaps) to even wash the car!