Recent unsettled weather has come to an end.   From late Tuesday through Wednesday afternoon, most of south Florida picked up at least a little bit of rain.   Some places, in fact, even got drenched by heavy downpours due to a surplus of moisture settling over our region.   Here’s a look at how dark the sky was (temporarily) Wednesday along Biscayne Bay, as a slug of rain was crossing.   Moments later, the sun popped out over the same spot!

Also on Wednesday, Broward County was much wetter than other areas.  Deerfield Beach and Lighthouse Point both chalked up nearly 2-inches of rain.    Looking ahead, the only issue on Thursday will be the likelihood of developing fog.   The potential for low visibility will lurk from the pre-dawn hours through daybreak, especially inland for areas that received the most recent rainfall.

The water vapor image below (sometimes referred to as the “moisture map”)   shows a significant swath of drier air that’s expanding out of the Gulf into Florida.   This type of air doesn’t guarantee that we’re completely void of rain but showers will struggle to  form.   Both Thursday and Friday look mainly dry, just as we “march” into the new month.

If you’re planning for the upcoming weekend, plan on warmer than usual conditions again.   That could finally change after the passage of a cold front next Tuesday or Wednesday.    As that front approaches, by the way, rain chances will bump upward.


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