Rain chances ramp up

Rain showers will soon be flaring up across the region.   The combination of increased moisture out of the Gulf and a cold front will lead to heavy downpours over much of the state on Tuesday.   Beyond those features, there’s also a weak tropical wave crossing Cuba.  Some of that associated moisture may even pull into the direction of south Florida adding to the rain.   The front that’s sagging down the Peninsula will likely slow down and weaken through Wednesday.   At that point, the boundary may work as far south as the Florida Keys before stalling out.   As long as we have a “frontal hang up” over the region, there will be frequent clouds and occasional downpours.   Of course, thunderstorms will also remain possible, especially during the prime heating of the day.    Looking ahead, there may be enough of  a push to finally take the front south (and away) by Friday.   Once that happens, we’ll  have high pressure rebuild from the distant north with some clearing.   Unfortunately for those of you wanting cooler weather, this particular front isn’t the one to do it.   Basically, winds switch around quickly behind the boundary… arriving from the warm ocean waters.   We will, however, get a strengthening and almost refreshing breeze.   The upcoming weekend will include stronger type winds… especially by the beaches.   These onshore winds will be monitored for a rip current threat.  Local waters may get roughed up from Saturday through the early part of next week.