Pretty quiet

To get a weekend “this quiet” this far into May is extraordinary.    It’s often the time of the year when daytime showers move about, along with pop up thunderstorms.   For now, south Florida is getting some drying as moisture levels have decreased recently.  We won’t be able to have the pattern hold for very long, but the rest of the weekend is status quo!   High pressure is now well east of the Bahamas and still in control of our weather pattern.    It’s an onshore flow that’s providing us with a few things:  a strong beach breeze, plenty of warm air, and occasional clouds from the ocean waters.    Since there’s little moisture overall, most of the region is dry (despite the puffy clouds we’re seeing cross from east to west).    There’s also a bit of haze around.   It’s actually a bit of Saharan dust that managed to hold together.  I suppose it is a real testament to the drying trend.  This dust event doesn’t appear to be significant enough to warrant much concern.  Still, if you know someone with serious respiratory issues, it might be wise to suggest staying indoors in the air conditioning.   The only other hazard involves something much different…  the likelihood of rip currents at the beach.   Swimming isn’t recommended due to the threat of powerful channels that can challenge even experienced swimmers.   You’re much better off  staying on the sand and avoiding the rip current risk!  The upcoming forecast does  include more active weather over time.   The main change will begin on Tuesday, once winds turn more out of the south.   Extra-steamy air will follow.   It will also lead to expanding rain chances into the middle of the week.   Finally, as our upper winds, or “steering flow” becomes oriented west to east, we’ll need to plan for late day storms.   That seems to be the scenario for active afternoon’s, both Thursday and Friday.   A dying frontal boundary into Florida will also be a culprit.   The unsettled conditions could hold into next weekend but it’s really too far off to get a handle on that.   Stay tuned to 7 News and the 7 weather team especially as the wet season takes over…. soon.