Overcast isn’t over

A front moved into south Florida recently, and now it appears it doesn’t want to leave!   The old boundary remains stretched across the region from east to west (where there’s a solid bank of clouds).   With sufficient moisture in place, we’re seeing rain bands along both the boundary and onshore breeze.   On Sunday, breezy downpours will be the flavor of the day.  Gusty winds will be arriving off the ocean creating marine hazards of rip currents and rough boating.  Occasional showers may also make it challenging to hang holiday lights or make a trip to the shopping mall!   If you’re ready for a change in the weather, that’s coming too.  Several twists and turns are ahead, so the upcoming week will be interesting to follow. Beginning Monday, wind speeds will quickly settle down.  At the same time, the wind direction will start turning out of the southeast. Of course, that will make it feel more humid.  Then, expect a boost in warmth.   Temperatures will suddenly swing “well above average” with highs into the middle 80’s by the middle of the week.   We’ll also be following the next front that’s likely to sag into Florida.  It’s expected to be another weak cold front and lacking the cool air, once again.   We could see a few rain showers but (as long as the front doesn’t stall) it shouldn’t amount to very much.