Outstanding outdoor weather

Following the passage of a powerful cold front (late Sunday) nice weather is back in business across the region.   Humidity levels and temperatures have dropped and our cooling will peak early Tuesday morning.   By the way, it will be like turning back the clock.  According to official statistics, it will be the coolest air we’ve had in south Florida in 3 weeks (going back to March 24).   Most locations, west of  I-95, will fall into the upper 50’s while beach locations settle to 60 degrees.   Enjoy the nice and comfortable start to the week, we know it can’t continue as we get deeper into the month of April!   At the heart of our weather pattern is a huge area of high pressure centered over the northern Gulf of Mexico.   Clockwise winds around the high are bringing air into Florida from the north and northeast, at least through Tuesday.   That will keep us will below average temperatures.   On Wednesday, the high pressure ridge will be centered directly over us so we can expect extra bright sunshine and very light winds.   Then, the high retreats east.   The evolving onshore pattern will start the next warming trend.  Gradually, the warmth will build as we round out the rest of the week.