On Santa watch

We’ll soon be watching the satellite in order to track Santa.   From the frigid North Pole, Santa Claus will probably enjoy the huge warm change toward south Florida (upon shedding the big winter coat).    Our temperatures continue to run between 5 and 7 degrees above average.   Do you remember the weather leading up to Christmas, last year?   Daytime highs were at record levels.   This year, no records are anticipated, but there’s still an abundance of holiday warmth.   The weather map shows a weak cold front crossing the Florida panhandle.   The boundary will slip southward but it’ll barely be noticeable.   First, there’s hardly any moisture for rain showers… so we’ll stay dry.  Second, there’s little cooling support as it approaches central and south Florida early Christmas Day.   As a result, we’ll simply see a few extra clouds.   Expect pleasantly warm temperatures throughout the start of the new week.   Then, we’ll focus on a distant and stronger front.   As the secondary system draws near (later in the week) it should be able to muster more moisture.   Rain chances will begin to bump by Thursday and Friday.   Will the front bring us any cooling?   Long range forecast models continue to hint at modestly cooler weather into New Year’s weekend.   That may mean a drop of about 10 degrees, but stay tuned for details in the days ahead.   Until then, have a wonderful Christmas holiday!