On a roll!

As the week rolls on, we’ll continue to find tranquil weather across south Florida.   We’re still under the influence of  “double barreled high pressure” which simply means two separate cells of high pressure are contributing to our local weather.   High pressure is known for its ability to bring stable conditions and that’s what we’ve been getting.   One such high is over the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the other it’s camped out over the western Atlantic Ocean.   The next weather change will be a minor one.   As the highs begin to weaken on Thursday, a front will drop southward through Florida.   This front will be very feeble.   It may generate an increase in clouds and a minimal amount of rain showers, but it won’t be strong enough to drag any kind of cooling into our region.  Basically, the cool air “support” will remain well to our north.   The only other change comes on Friday afternoon or evening… behind the boundary.   Instead of cooling we’ll notice increasing winds.   This windy pattern should continue throughout the upcoming weekend, too.   Marine hazards may evolve with rip currents and possible boating advisories.