On a roll

Just weeks ago we were on a weather “roller coaster”.   Now, south Florida is just on a roll!   The beautiful conditions continue which is making for a warm winter stretch.   At the heart of the pattern (to use a Valentine’s Day theme) is high pressure.   The high is holding firmly in place while preventing any noticeable changes.   Since our winds are arriving off the ocean, there could be a passing sprinkle or two.   By in large, though, it’s a mainly dry pattern with lighter wind speeds compared to earlier in the week.  The current map shows a stalled front across north Florida that’s likely to dissipate on Wednesday.   Meanwhile, the Valentine’s Day holiday will be a warm one… south of that fading front.   It’s unlikely we’ll see any records during the remainder of the week, but temperatures will continue to run between 5 and 10 degrees above average for this time of the year!