Ocean winds

Stronger winds have been ripping off of the ocean.   The gusty conditions are more noticeable by the beaches, but it’s also breezy along locations “well inland”.   This onshore pattern is likely to continue for the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend, too.  It will continue to create marine hazards in the form of rip currents and rough boating.   We’re also seeing that there’s enough moisture and unstable air to stir up rain showers.   Most of these are widely separated so they tend to be “hit or miss” across south Florida.   Also,  they don’t last long due to the swift nature of the winds.   The weather map clearly shows the reason for the windy weather.   Florida is situated in between a strong high pressure area (north and east) and much lower pressures in the Caribbean (south).   The difference in pressure ramps up the winds and subsequently the local waves.    The only weather change that we foresee involves the potential for heavier rain.   As deep, tropical moisture continues to gather south of Cuba… we may see more of it drawn northward toward the Straits and Keys, and even beyond.   Forecast models are somewhat split.   Some show the bulk of the moisture staying out of our vicinity this weekend, others show it tugged more north and over south Florida.   Either way, it’s going to be the difference between “a little”  rainfall or more substantial wet weather.   Stay tuned.