Not Naughty but nice!

Beautiful weather has been holding nicely this week.   At the heart of the pattern is high pressure which is directly over us!    The high continues to bring “stable and sinking” air into Florida.   As a result, nearly every corner of the region remains dry.   The current weather map shows a weather system approaching the southeastern states (mainly from Texas).   Is it heading our way?   No, not by a long shot.   Areas of rain will spread almost directly east.   That means wetter conditions will be aiming for the middle Atlantic states.   By the way, another storm system is over the western third of the nation and it’s primarily a snow-maker.   As the week continues, the unsettled weather will be far removed from us.   High pressure, offshore from south Florida, should drop south a bit… so a more southerly flow will evolve for the midweek.   That will provide us with a slight temperature rise (despite already being warmer than average).   If highs rise into the middle 80’s on Wednesday or Thursday, we could get close to records.   Deeper into the week, expect a lot of continued dry time.   The next chance for a cold front to reach us will be immediately after Christmas.  While it won’t deliver much of a temperature change, south Florida should see readings fall about 5 degrees.  That will make for comfortable lows in the 60’s along with highs in the middle 70’s into early next week.