It’s an important reminder, south Florida, that when we see a cold front coming (on the weather map), we should realize that “all fronts are not the same”. A recent cooling front (November 6 – 10) had some strong and long-lasting impacts. However, a newly arriving boundary is going to limp across the region with little fanfare. Will we feel any kind of change? Yes, but nothing dramatic. The front will cross by the time you get up on Sunday. However, we’re only going to experience about a 5-degree temperature drop. That also means, on Sunday afternoon, highs should peak around 80-degrees instead of the 85-degree high we had on Saturday! Another difference is the short duration. Temperatures will peak on the “cooler side” early Monday morning, then gradually rise to milder levels. Overall, enjoy a brief break from the humidity. It will remain “in check” until winds turn back off the ocean waters, Wednesday afternoon.

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