A fine weather pattern is in progress, south Florida. At the heart of this is a sprawling area of high pressure. The high expands across the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Peninsula, and western Atlantic. That’s about 1,500 miles from west to east! It’s creating stable weather (including favorable, sinking air) which means quiet conditions across the region. On Monday, the high prompted winds from the north with lots of sunshine. Mostly dry times will continue, although there’s a tiny rain chance (around 10%). The reason is simple, as winds become onshore, they could carry a stray shower from the ocean. Beach locations, mainly, could encounter a brief sprinkle or two.

You’ve probably noticed how comfortable it is. Humidity readings have fallen recently, around the high pressure dome. As we get deeper into the week, more muggy air will return (so enjoy it now). Warmer temperatures will also make a comeback. Nights will warm into the middle 70’s by Wednesday and Thursday. Daytime highs will also bounce higher, getting into the upper 80’s by Thursday. Needless to say, unseasonably warm weather will round out the week. We’ll have to wait for the next front to potentially bring any cooling our way. When might that happen? Long range forecast maps and models show the next chance a bit. A front, although not necessarily a strong one, will move towards south Florida in about a week. We’ll watch to see if it’s able to push southward and give us access to some cooling. Stay tuned.

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