More storms?

The latest weather trend has been for storms to fire up, well inland, as the sea breeze boundary moves inland.  This pattern has been resulting in wetter conditions for western locations (initiating around the western suburbs of Miami-Dade and Broward, then progressing toward the Everglades and beyond).   On Monday, we still anticipate the developing of thunderstorms.   We also continue to believe that the main activity focuses on, or targets, inland spots.   A general difference involves an uptick in number of storms forming.   Also,  weak steering winds could keep metro areas under the scope of heavy downpours (before they ultimately drift and fizzle later in the day).   In addition to the familiar sea breeze boundary, the early week will feature a nearby boundary.  It’s what is left from an old front.   As showers and storms pop-up, heavy downpours will be likely with the potential for frequent lightning.   Once we lose the prime heating of the day, storm activity will gradually diminish.   Then, once Tuesday and Wednesday arrive, we’ll expect another minor weather change.   Slightly drier air may be able to wedge-in from the Atlantic.  That would reduce rain possibilities into the midweek.   Regardless, any drying won’t last long.  Another deep moisture surge could return as early as Thursday, lingering into next weekend.  Stay tuned.