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Temperatures have been settling back to more seasonal levels, on the heels of a steamy Sunday.  Highs soared well into the 80’s and some spots (including Ft. Lauderdale) warmed to levels not felt in months.  The official high at the Ft. Lauderdale – Hollywood Airport reached 88 degrees on Sunday afternoon!   The reason for the boost in temperature was a switch in winds.   Air was arriving from the west, so it was what we call an offshore flow.   Heading into Monday, however, expect a turn in winds out of the northeast (onshore flow).  The Presidents Day holiday will be pleasantly warm, and not nearly as hot.   The early week weather pattern will remain quiet due to high pressure that’s north of Florida.   If the high could hold firmly in place, we’d have a continued stretch of nice weather… but it’s not in the cards.  The high pressure area will drift into the Atlantic Ocean and gradual changes will arrive by midweek.  Moisture levels will likely increase from the south on Wednesday.   Then, we’ll monitor what could be a developing weather system in the Gulf of Mexico.   Low pressure and instability is expected over that region.   If this disturbance gets more energetic, we could see growing areas of rain fanning out toward Florida.   For now, our thunderstorm chance will depend on the future strength and track of the low.   Regardless, rain showers are back in the forecast for the second half of the week.